Zetachain — overview of activities.

Airat Baiazitov
6 min readFeb 26, 2023

ZetaChain is both an L1 Blockchain and a smart contract platform with built-in connectivity to all blockchains. It is the only public blockchain with smart contracts that can manage assets, data and liquidity in any chain, even Bitcoin.

I will cover all the activities available at the moment. I think this project is worthy of your attention.


Opening the Zetachain website — you will see black Launch Testnet button at the right corner — it is the easiest way to start. But firstly ask your crypto-friends to give a referral link — you definitely have such friends, because there are more tan 1 000 000 users of ZetaChain Testnet.
Whatever way to start you choose, the first thing you will see is five short introductory moments :

The next thing I insist you to do is to immediately switch to black mode — thanks you Developers for taking care of our eyesight.

here is the difference

Next — connect your Metamask wallet — you are going to see your wallet at the top right corner.

Our next step — “Earn ZETA Points” button — you have to verify your Twitter account to earn the points

After giving that permission — you’ll see the pop-up with your personal invite link — do not hesitate to push both buttons: “Share on Twitter” and copy your link to send it to your friends. Spread the word about ZetaChain and you will be rewarded 5000 Zeta points for each referral and 1750 points for their weekly swap.

Our next stop is “Get ZETA” button.

There are 2 ways to receive ZETA. The first one is just push “Requests Assets” button — if your Twitter is verified already — you should receive 3 ZETA.

The second way to get test tokens — Discord faucet. The invite link is at the same page as Twitter request. After completing simple Verify process, go to #zeta-faucet channel. Write down the magic spell “zeta faucet drip + your Metamask address.

The bot’s answer is very quick, but it takes some time to finally see your tokens at your balance.

Use other faucets it suggests — test tokens are very useful anyway

Now you are ready to test swapping :

you can see 5000 points cause I am used referral link to get in

Choose the sender’s network (Goerli at my screen) and token you would like to send (ZETA). Then choose the receiver’s network (Binance Smart Chain at my screen) and the token you would like to get. Note that the minimum amount of ZETA to send is 3 tokens — they will convert to 0.5 ZETA at the destination network. So it is smart idea to come and request test tokens every 24 hours — you are going to use it once a week at least.

Review order

Allow ZETA transfer (sign it at your Metamask wallet)

And finally Swap (one more transaction to sign)

Wait for the transaction to confirm. And additionally you are going to see pop-up with receiving 7000 ZETA points for swapping.

Now go to the Leaderboard to see your progress: total ZETA points, your rank among all the users, number of your transactions and invites.

And finally, one last thing worthy of your attention — FAQ section. Do not skip the page — get into the spirit of the project — I’m totally sure that will give you enough motivation to continue participating at ZetaChain activities

That’s all about Testnet, but not about other activities. https://guild.xyz/zetachain — one more mandatory action. There are 4 roles — Guild member, ZETA supporter, ZETA Beta tester, ZETA assimilated.

GET THEM ALL, it is not very hard to do it.

To get the last 3 roles you will interact with galxe.com

ZETA supporter role is given for Discord and Twitter follow:

ZETA Beta tester and ZETA assimilated are given for Mission Bring ZETA Home campaign at galxe.com

Make different swaps at Testnet platform and collect all the badges. Some of them are not available yet — you have to watch for updates.

And complete this form to get ZETA Assimilated 101 role, questions are quite simple

And the last but not the least — our favorite Crew 3 platform. Here is the link to ZetaChain. Some quests are simple — like Discord, Twitter, Telegram follow or like/retweet tasks.

The most important and valuable tasks are Contributor role tasks. I would advise you to do as many tasks as possible, I think that the time spent on them will more than pay off.

If you want to know more about ZetaChain — visit ZetaChain Blog with more than 20K followers already. 23 articles started from December 2021 — will expand your knowledge of the project. Articles have been translated to 15 languages for user convenience.

In conclusion — want to say my opinion about the project. Just look at these numbers: 442K followers on Twitter, more than 1M testnet users, 150 dApps are deployed.
The main test the project has passed is that the bear market has not broken it, they are keep building. This is definitely the behavior of the ALPHA project. They are solving existing problem of the crypto industry — With more than 100 existing public blockchains and new ones emerging, interoperability is becoming one of web3’s biggest challenges. So as the project team I see the future of cryptocurrency in fast access to it.

Thank you Guys and keep building!

Website: www.zetachain.com

Twitter: twitter.com/zetablockchain

Discord: discord.gg/zetachain

Link3: link3.to/zetachain

Whitepaper: www.zetachain.com/whitepaper.pdf

Medium: blog.zetachain.com/?gi=b6d029dd12be