How to install Martian wallet

Airat Baiazitov
3 min readFeb 25, 2023

Martian is self-custodial wallet for Aptos and Sui.
One can use Martian to store, send, receive tokens and manage & mint NFTs in a secure and friendly way.
Martian wallet is currently available as a Chrome extension and soon will be available as an IOS app. There are two ways of getting the extension — directly from the Chrome Web Store of from Martian website:

Just press “Add to Chrome” button:

If you are new to Martian — choose “Create new wallet” option. Otherwise you can import you seed phrase from previously created Martian or another Aptos wallet:

Create a password, agree to the Terms and Conditions and Continue:

Copy and save your recovery phrase in secure place. Do not be like me — who put the screen of the seed-phrase to the Medium article))

There are some useful shortcuts (have never been used it, honestly):

Gongratulations! Now you use the best Aptos wallet:

Now pin Martian extension to your Chrome panel and start to use. By the way link your Twitter account directly at Martian extension. This partnership make me very excited.

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