Cosmic Horizon Whitepaper v2.0

Airat Baiazitov
2 min readOct 29, 2022

Cosmic-Horizon reviewed the new version of Whitepaper.

Let me remind you that Cosmic Horizon is a P&E (play-and-earn) strategy, trade and conquest MMRPG developed by Qwoyn Studios and powered by the Cosmos SDK.
It is blockchain-based game. So it is true player-owned, there are sovereign assets; dynamic economies; community governance; and gamification of ecocredit retirement all these are just a few unique features made possible by this new approach to blockchain gaming.

We are introduced to 2 races Vedic, Muscarians, Kalin and Tar’ri. And importance of cyrillium is explained in introduction. Conflict between the races is became clear to us. Today all races coexist in the quadrant together, with an expected mixture of conflict and alliance between groups. Stranded in this strange new world, you set out in the vast Calvatian Galaxy to carve out a piece for yourself, develop and protect it for future generations.

Players of Cosmic Horizon begin at a Star Mall, where they can import or purchase and equip a ship with the in-game currency, $COHO. Once equipped with a ship, players may begin exploring the vast and uncharted reaches of the galaxy. As players travel to new sectors, their ship’s navigational computer will log their path and so gradually construct a cosmic map. This exploration is an important aspect of gameplay, for it is through exploration that players will discover profitable outposts (i.e. commodity dealers) to trade with, and strategically significant sectors to secure and defend.

If players encounter an outpost, they may dock with it to see what commodities it is buying or selling, and elect to purchase (or sell) goods.

If a player discovers a planet, they may claim and develop it.If the player has a compatible ship, they can purchase a Planet Generating Device (PGD) from the general store[3] to create a new planet.

Players will also encounter other players during the course of their journey and are free to attack, ignore or collaborate with them. Collaboration occurs informally or formally, the latter is accomplished by forming a syndicate. By forming a syndicate, multiple players can collectively hold and manage planets, funds, commodities and strategic defenses in common.

The ultimate goal of the game is twofold: To earn funds and conquer the galaxy.

In Gameplay section there is huge description of all the details of the game:
We can learn anything about Universe, its Map, Sectors, Locations (Outposts, Refueling stations, Planets, Star Malls), Commodities (Cyrillium crystals, Food and Tech Commodities), In-Game Currency: $COHO, Ships and Player Actions.

Last 3 sections of WP are: Cosmic Horizon Economics, Ecology, Technology.